A Jitney Elopement 1915

A Jitney Elopement-Chaplin's fourth Essanay film while at Niles, Ca. was released on April 1, 1915. Most notable were the car chase scenes. They were some of the best of the time. There is one special car chase scene that shows Edna holding Charlie's cane as he commands the car down the road. They truly were functioning as one! 

A Jitney 2000

A year 2000 perspective of Charlie Chaplin’s 1915  "A Jitney Elopement". This motion picture was photographed on location in San Francisco, California. How many THEN & NOW locations will you see?
Silent Color DV NTSC 10min 
Photographed by Gerald Smith & David Totheroh
Edited by Gerald Smith 
Produced by Gerald Smith 
Directed by Gerald Smith & David Totheroh


Located and shot by Gerald Smith
1915 2000


Great Highway & Lincoln
San Francisco, Ca.

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