The Tramp 1915

The Tramp-the last of Chaplin's films while at the Essanay's Niles, Ca. location, was released on April 11, 1915. It is considered by most the first of his many great films. From the opening scene, as he walks nonchalantly into town, to the final scene, as he leaves town rejected in love, the film runs the gambit of emotions. In the final scene as the lens irises on the Tramp and we see him break into his timeless walk as he realizes not all is lost and more exciting times are up the road, we get a glimpse of the timeless artistry that is to come from Charles Spencer Chaplin.

Tramp 2001

A year 2001 perspective of Charlie Chaplin’s 1915 classic "The Tramp". This motion picture was photographed on location in Niles, Topanga, and Windsor, California. How many THEN & NOW locations will you see?
Silent Color DV NTSC 20min 
Photographed by Gerald Smith & David Totheroh
Edited by Gerald Smith 
Produced by Gerald Smith 
Directed by Gerald Smith & David Totheroh

This time around, The Tramp is played by Bonnie McCourt. A little role reversal that yields little hints of Charlie, in a most hilarious and touching way. Chris Snowden plays The Tramp’s love interest, with just the right touch of emotional feeling. His love of this time and place really comes shining though. The farmer is played by Jack Totheroh, who starred in his first Essanay picture in 1915. Wait until you see the painting scene - just too funny! David Totheroh plays the farmer's helper. Watch him get the worst end of the stick, as he and The Tramp go to work making funny business.  David Kiehn, David Freedman and Gerald Smith play hobo characters well enough to make the ghost of Leo White stand up and cheer. Nancy Kauffman does a fine job playing the farmer's son city girlfriend. And Genevieve Freedman plays the poet with a slight twist. 

Located and shot by Gerald Smith
1915 2001


Niles Canyon Road
Niles, Ca.

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