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Chaplin Film Locations T&N
A Jitney 2000 (c) 2000:  Shot on location in San Francisco, California.  A year 2000 perspective of Charlie Chaplin's 1915 "A Jitney Elopement"  stitched into Chaplin's original 1915 film. Both versions were shot on location in San Francisco, California. How many Charlie Chaplin T&N locations will you see?! 
Lambeth Workhouse

Charlie's London (c) 1999:  Awhile back, I had the pleasure of spending a few days in London walking the streets of Charlie Chaplin's youth. Nothing fancy, just me with my first DV camera, Frank Scheide (Chaplin Historian) and Tony Merrick (local Lambeth boy with ties to Chaplin). This little adventure is now available for viewing.  


ROAD TOURS T&N 2023 (with wine)


Visiting film locations in Sonoma County, California and Stanley, Chico, Butchey and Wimby in Brooklyn, New York. Nice to be back on the road.

You'll find most of my T&N adventures on my YouTube Channel. All complete and uploaded at the highest resolution available.
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